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    David Frank giving us the updates!

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    The boat note

    Why was this evidence released to the media?

    yeah, i was pretty shocked to see this released today.




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  3. Anonymous said: I just read comments in an article about Tsarnaev and one of the commenters said that it's widely known that Jahar and Tamerlan fought while making the bombs (weeks?). This is news to me. Is this true and how do we know that? More importantly, what were they supposedly fighting about and what could it mean for the defense?






    I have not seen that article or the comments. I would love to have a link to the article. Since we really don’t know when they started building the bombs or how long it took, I don’t know how anyone except Jahar can actually know if they were fighting when they made the bombs. It certainly isn’t “widely” known, though it may in fact be true. 

    But I will say this: according to two highly credible sources I’ve spoken with, Jahar and Tamerlan fought bitterly over Winter Break preceding the bombings. However, that had to do with the hours Jahar kept and his partying—this is what Jahar told both sources when he returned to campus in the spring. Obviously if the arguments had to do with anything else, he did not tell them that. But he felt Tamerlan was being an overbearing dick, that much I know. If those arguments continued beyond Winter Break, idk. My sources don’t know, either. The fact that Jahar mentioned the fighting to them stood out in their memories, though.

    So yeah, I feel absolutely confident in saying that Tamerlan was riding his case. But were they actually making the bombs during the time they were fighting? I don’t know, and I don’t know how anyone else can know that, either. That is, unless someone actually knew what they were doing and didn’t report their plans!

    I am very curious to know when they started planning and when they started building. I think planning was underway by February because I believe receipts for the fireworks believed to be used in the bombings dated to Feb — at least I think I read that somewhere, but I can’t be positive. There is so much I’d like to know, I can’t even list it all here. I am sure he has likely shared every last detail with his defense. Oh, to be on his defense team. I mean, the pressure would be beyond intense, but those people have all the answers the rest of us only wish we had.

    Anyway, you asked what the fighting would mean for his defense?
    I actually can see this being argued for or against him.

    Against: Even though his brother hated his lifestyle, he continued to partake of it anyway, thus proving that he did not automatically do what Tamerlan wanted, but that he did whatever he felt like doing and followed his own volition.
    The flaw in this argument is that it does not take into account the weakness of the flesh—people succumb to their physical urges/desires despite strong social and familial pressures to do otherwise. Indeed Jahar’s ‘inappropriate and unfitting’ lifestyle could have been used as a cudgel against him by Tamerlan, guilting him into participating.

    For: The fighting (assuming it was instigated by Tamerlan) shows that Tamerlan was aggressive in pushing his will and agenda on Jahar.

    Editing to add: I *just* spoke with someone who on more than one occasion helped Jahar thoroughly clean out his car (including dousing it in Febreeze) before returning to Cambridge, because Jahar was afraid of Tamerlan and if Tamerlan found any evidence of partying he would flip out on Jahar.

    For almost a year now I’ve been wondering if there was any significance to a couple of tweets Jahar posted that January — one where he said he had become a hermit, and another where he wanted to go back to school because he wasn’t being allowed out of the house. This info helps shed a little light on those. Thanks.

    I can’t help but wonder if they had been fighting about a lot more than just partying. I know when I’m venting to someone about an upsetting argument I’ve had with another person, I don’t always vent every personal detail.

    Interesting. If they fought in winter break (~December 2012) because Jahar partied a lot that means he wasn’t that much (or nothing at all) radicalized, as many people say, by that time.

    Certainly we don’t know when they started planning and/or developing the idea, if they really did it, but in my opinion two months is a short period of time to prepare such attack.

    In regards to the tweets:

    "I’ve become a hermit" written on January 3, 2013. I always thought it was related with the exam period. It is true that I don’t know for sure when people have their exams in college in USA so my interpretation could be completely wrong. I thought that way because when the period of exams arrives I become a hermit myself.

    "I need to go back to school, no freedom out here for a brother #imlockeduptheywontletmeout" I took it in the same context of the other one. It was written 4 days later and I thought he probably was at Tamerlan’s house and he was strict and he wasn’t as “free” as in his dorm. Once again, I could be wrong, this is just my opinion and my perceptions.

    His final exams would have been done before winter break—that’s how it is in the U.S., generally. So he was probably a hermit due to pressure from his brother—that is my guess. Same for the second tweet.

    As for how long it would take to prepare the bombs, idk. Some have speculated that Tamerlan had been laying the plans for quite awhile and who knows, maybe he even did some work-throughs on his own without Jahar. Or maybe it’s not as hard as we all think, if you have the right information and a bit of life experience. I can’t help but think of how my own older brother tinkered with explosives as a kid. Not on this level, but knowledge builds on itself, iykwim.

    Sooo, I was wrong with my assumptions, that happens when you don’t live there to know how everything works. Nevermind. Thank you for clearing that up and now I have even more unanswered questions than before lol. This case is going to drive me insane.


  4. Anonymous said: That's great about no FBI there for his family visits! Finally something positive for Dzhokhar. Maybe the judge is beginning to see how horribly one sided this whole thing is, or maybe he already knew (of course he did) and someone higher up told him to lighten up a bit. Finally Dzhokhar, for the first time since this nightmare began, will be able to have a normal conversation with his family, which will be a great relief for him. I hope his sisters will visit him as often as possible.


    I know but some of the media didn’t get it 100% right. The judge doesn’t see a security issue with it but since of course the prosecution objects the judge said he would wait 2 weeks to make his final ruling on the issue but at least he’s leaning towards the defenses request so its not official yet…they want the BOP to weigh in before a final decision is rendered.


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    The fourth status conference in the matter of United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took place today, April 16th at 10am, with all regular parties in attendance. Marc Fucarile, a severely-injured victim, was also in the courtroom today and says he plans to attend as…

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    Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be visited in prison by his family WITHOUT being monitored by an FBI agent

    A judge has ruled that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be visited by his relatives without an FBI agent present even though he allegedly said something revealing during an earlier visit.

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    It’s been said a million times, but I really can’t believe how the time has gone by looking back at this past year and everything that has happened since April 15th, 2013. The events themselves, all that has followed, the people I’ve met because of them, the person I am because of them……



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    what the actual fuck 


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  10. Anonymous said: The brown bag lady. Question: wasn't female DNA found on bomb parts and the bag?


    A piece of the bomb yah. They tested Tamerlans wife and it didn’t match her so they totally dropped it and said it was probably just the DNA of the cashier where the PC was bought….yah sure. They made such a huge deal about it until they couldn’t find a match then suddenly it was irrelevant.